Sophie Marceau nude – L’etudiante (1988)

Sophie Marceau in this clip is shown dressing herself, she was wearing a white bra upon which she wears a blue shirt and in the next scene, she was seen wearing black bra and suddenly the camera changes and we got to see Sophie Marceau on the sofa with her male partner who was sucking her neck. Sophie Marceau was totally nude when he wakes up and then she stands out from the bed showing us her boobs, ass and her pussy covered with little pubic hairs.

In the next scene, they were seen sleeping on the floor with t heir beds on the floor. Sophie Marceau was seen brushing inside the washroom showing us her glimpses of beautiful body. The clip has been taken from the movie named Letudiante which was released in 1988.

Sophie Marceau nude - L'etudiante (1988)

Sophie Marceau nude - L'etudiante (1988)
Sophie Marceau nude - L'etudiante (1988)

Actress: Sophie Marceau
Movies: L’etudiante
Tags: topless, sex, butt, bush, nude, full frontal


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