Patricia Arquette nude – True Romance (1993)

Patricia Arquette in the clip is seen kissing her male partner while laying and resting on the bed. Their lips can be seen getting into each other`s lips and then sucking each other`s lips. Then Patricia Arquette was laid on the bed with her partner coming over her and pushing himself under her pussy and fucking her in classic missionary style fucking position. She moaned slowly and beautifully while her blonde hairs looked really sexy.

In the further scene, she was seen getting a tattoo for herself while she was on phone with someone, when the guy came and opened her clothes and made her sit on the telephone booth and then started fucking her and kissing her. Patricia Arquette was seen wearing hot and sexy blue colored bra and panty which was removed by the guy and then he started fucking her being standing in the telephone booth.

The clip has been taken from the movie named True Romance which was released in the year 1993 around two decades from now. Patricia Arquette showed her boobs and sexy figure in that panty that looks sweet and sexy over her.

Patricia Arquette nude - True Romance (1993)

Patricia Arquette nude - True Romance (1993)
Patricia Arquette nude - True Romance (1993)

Actress: Patricia Arquette
Movies: True Romance
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