Ophelia Kolb nude – Gainsbourg (2010)

Ophelia Kolb was seen in this short clip laid nude in semi sleeping pose for the painters and sketch artists in order to make her sketch. Her curled blonde hairs were looking so beautiful and sexy while all of the sketch artists were drawing her sexy and beautiful body on their portrait. A small guy, who was also making some sketch of different thing was seeing her again and again. Further in the room, the Ophelia Kolb was changing her dress while the guy remains there seeing her whole nude. She notices this and smiles for the guy and talks to her.

The guy responds saying she looked beautiful and sexy being nude. Ophelia Kolb stands near the guy and talks to him and offers him like whether he want to see the beauty or not. The guy replies with yes and where the film ends. The clip has been taken from the movie named Gainsbourg which was released in the year 2002. Ophelia Kolb showed us her boobs and her boobs were round and sizzling hot while her curled blonde hairs were all adding sexual madness in her beautiful body.

Ophelia Kolb nude - Gainsbourg (2010)Ophelia Kolb nude - Gainsbourg (2010)Ophelia Kolb nude - Gainsbourg (2010)

Actress: Ophelia Kolb
Movies: Gainsbourg
Tags: topless, nude


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