Ophelia Kolb nude – Dumas (2010)

Ophelia Kolb was seen in the clip washing clothes while her dress was like we got to look at her cleavages in the starting with her big boobs oozing out from her cleavage of the cloth. She went to the man eating dinner inside the room and talks to them while the man gives her weird looks of making them pleased. Her boobs were really big and large that’s why they were peeping out from her dress making us believe of the big size of her boobs. She goes to the men with curled hairs and laughs over it.

Suddenly in the next scene she was seen whole nude taking her clothes as the man on the door of her asks her to leave. She took her clothes and goes fast out of the house. The clip has been taken from the movie named Dumas which was released in the year 2010. Ophelia Kolb showed us her beautiful cleavage and her sexy body while running.

Ophelia Kolb nude - Dumas (2010)Ophelia Kolb nude - Dumas (2010)Ophelia Kolb nude - Dumas (2010)

Actress: Ophelia Kolb
Movies: Dumas
Tags: topless, butt, nude, full frontal


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