Natasha Alam nude – Big Bad Wolf (2013)

Natasha Alam in the clip is seen wearing black top with black panties standing with the wall dancing and showing her male partner her beautiful strip dance. She is having beautiful body with her abs that can be seen easily and thighs also were leaned and enough sexy. She removes her shirt and we got to see her beautiful black designer pushup bra. She throws the shirt on the guy and then crawls like a bitch near the guy and then the guy slides his hands over body and ass and then picks her up and makes her sit on his lap. He then sucks her lips and presses her boobs and then also presses her ass.

Natasha Alam goes inside the room and removes her bra and then removes her guy`s pants also and then the guy holds her from her neck and throws her on the bed and removes her panty and his shorts and starts fucking her in classic missionary style. Natasha Alam moans in the excitement while getting fucked. Natasha Alam gets from the bed wholly nude showing us her butts. In the next scene, she was seen getting nude by the guy forcefully.
The clip has been taken from the movie named Big Bad Wolf which was released in the year 2013.

Natasha Alam nude - Big Bad Wolf (2013)

Natasha Alam nude - Big Bad Wolf (2013)
Natasha Alam nude - Big Bad Wolf (2013)

Actress: Natasha Alam
Movies: Big Bad Wolf
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, nipslip


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