Madonna nude – Swept Away (2002)

Madonna in the clip is seen lying on the bed totally nude with only her black panty over her body and many of guys were watching her from upstairs. She noticed one of the guy with long hairs watching her. She wears her bikini and then goes upstairs where all those boys were standing. She gets in a chat with them and in the next scene was seen in the sea with clear blue water. She was watching a guy who came out catching a fish and throwing it on Madonna. She gets scared and throws it away.

The clips also shows Madonna going away from a guy who was first starring at her when they were in the boat. The guy tries raping Madonna while she throws sand in his face and runs away. The guy tries removing her panty and ends up kissing her lips and biting them too. Soon Madonna stops fighting up as the guy kisses her and also sucks her lips allot.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Swept Away which was released in 2002. Madonna looked really sexy in the movie in that black bikini.

Madonna nude - Swept Away (2002)

Madonna nude - Swept Away (2002)
Madonna nude - Swept Away (2002)

Actress: Madonna
Movies: Swept Away
Tags: topless, sex, butt, nude, bikini


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