Kim Cattrall nude – Porky’s (1982)

Kim Cattrall is seen in the clip practicing some kind of dance steps in the auditorium while a guy watching her from behind and seeing her awesome ass. She was wearing sexy yellow camisole and beautiful skirt with her yellow panty. The guy hugs her and then opens his pants also and then makes her lay on the ground and then starts bucking her in classic missionary style and starts fucking her in beautiful and sexy way.

The clip shows her getting fucked with her male partner who was showing her to dance and steps and getting fucked. The clip has been shown form the movie named Porkys which was released in the year 1982. Kim Cattrall showed her sexual boobs and ass and her sexy pussy with her hairs over her pussy.

Kim Cattrall nude - Porky's (1982)Kim Cattrall nude - Porky's (1982)Kim Cattrall nude - Porky's (1982)

Actress: Kim Cattrall
Movies: Porky’s
Tags: sex, butt, bush, nude


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