Julie Michaels nude – Road House (1989)

Wrapped in the arms of her male partner, laid on the right side of him with fully nude. Julie Michaels was looking super hot and sexy in the clip. Her guy was on her left side while she was on his right side. We got to see her boobs, butts and her full nude body touching with her male partner. The scene was looking like after both of them had sex. They talk to each other while Julie Michaels looked super sexy with her chocolaty body.

Julie Michaels in the clip showed us beautiful chocolaty boobs, butts also. They do had a smooch right after they end talking to each other with the guy coming over her body and kissing her lips. The clip has been taken from the movie named Road House which was released in 1989. Though there was no sex scene but Julie Michaels looked sizzling and hot in the clip shown here.

Julie Michaels nude - Road House (1989)Julie Michaels nude - Road House (1989)Julie Michaels nude - Road House (1989)

Actress: Julie Michaels
Movies: Road House
Tags: topless, nude, striptease


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