Joan Severance nude – Payback (1995)

Joan Severance in the clip is seen walking with her male partner on the road with rain pouring over them. Her hairs and whole body was wet while the guy grabs her hand and holds her face and kisses her on her lips and starts sucking her lips and smooching her. The guy then slides his hands over her butts and presses her ass hardly while standing under the rain. Joan Severance denies him but the guy again starts kissing her.

In the next scene, she was seen washing herself and cleaning her body with the towel. A guy comes and touches her while she denies him of touching her. She was seen wearing beautiful white bra and pants in the movie clip while the guy trying to seduce her in order to fuck her. Joan Severance then climbs the ladder in order to make things go easy, the guy comes down the stairs and starts kissing and biting her thighs and then he opens her skirt and sucks her pussy from outside the panty and also sucks her neck and earlobes in forceful manner while the girl doesn’t allows him but she gets fucked in the end.

The clip has been taken from the movie named Payback which was released around two decades from now in the year 2015. Joan Severance showed us her beautiful lips and sexy boobs in the sex scene shown in the clip.

oan Severance nude - Payback (1995)

Joan Severance nude - Payback (1995)
Joan Severance nude - Payback (1995)

Actress: Joan Severance
Movies: Payback
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