Gillian Jacobs nude – Choke (2008)

Gillian Jacobs in this clip is seen dancing on the dance floor. She comes on the floor wearing black bra and panty with sexy hairs of her that were blonde in looks. Two guys talks to her sitting on the side of the floor having beers and nuts while Gillian Jacobs comes and then walks away while talking to them. Both the guy talks to each other and shows Gillian Jacobs their painting that they made for her. She gives it back to them and then dances in front of them talking to them making her hips move and bending a bit to make the guys see he cleavage with boobs also.

She starts moving her hips and opens her bra in first instance showing her beautiful small white tits to both the guys sitting and watching her. She shows her boobs awhile seeing in the eyes of the guy who made her painting and gives beautiful looks to them. She looked really sexy in that striptease is being shown by Gillian Jacobs. The clip has been taken from the movie named Choke which was released in the year 2008.

Gillian Jacobs nude - Choke (2008)Gillian Jacobs nude - Choke (2008)Gillian Jacobs nude - Choke (2008)

Actress: Gillian Jacobs
Movies: Choke
Tags: topless, nude, striptease


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