Amaliya Mordvinova nude – Sny (1993)

Amaliya Mordvinova is seen in the clip posing nude and wearing only the coat of some security forces and standing with one knee on the chair and other leg`s feet on the floor with someone clicking pictures of her. In the further scene, she was seen showing her sexy body wearing different clothes in somewhere like rock band show where people were wearing different and unique clothes. They were doing dance and singing songs while on the stage.

Suddenly man girls with different name tags on their bodies come on the stage and then shows their beautiful and nude bodies to all the person sitting there. The show was quite unique as all the girls were wearing only the dresses that covers their pussy and butts but their boobs were easily visible and were nude too. There were some announcements made while the girls stands on the podium. The clip has been taken from the movie named Sny which was released in the year 1993. We got to see the boobs of Amaliya Mordvinova in the clip.

Amaliya Mordvinova nude - Sny (1993)Amaliya Mordvinova nude - Sny (1993)Amaliya Mordvinova nude - Sny (1993)

Actress: Amaliya Mordvinova
Movies: Sny
Tags: topless, butt, nude


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